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UKIP’s new billboard campaign is pretty awful, but for the love of God, please stop using the R word.

I take a fair interest in politics. I feel it is important to be informed about the world around oneself, yet I am also interested in politics as I am interested in what makes a good or well-justified argument, and … Continue reading

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The murder of Lee Rigby – or why radical Islam and far-right groups are two sides of the same coin

On Wednesday 22nd May 2013, the United Kingdom was shaken by the brutal murder of a British soldier, Drummer Lee Rigby by two alleged Islamic fundamentalists Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale. In the aftermath, much of the mainstream media and … Continue reading

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Quick Thought: on Margaret Thatcher

Let’s be clear, celebrating the death of an elderly woman is clearly distinct from challenging the subsequent fawning over and deification of her political persona by the establishment and media through public funeral processions, high-profile political speaches and hagiographic newspaper … Continue reading

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Cameron to Curb Benefits for European Migrants: What’s the Reality?

Immigration is one of the most salient political topics of our time. You scarcely go a day without seeing a headline on the front of a tabloid newspaper or big news website on the issue, often depicting it in a … Continue reading

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Quick Thought: on “Common Sense Politics”.

Be wary of politicians who advocate a ‘common sense’ approach to policy. Common sense allows us to solve simple, relatively insignificant everyday problems, (for example, I don’t need to calculate the kinetic energy of an HGV to know that it’s … Continue reading

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